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What the real crisis is like!

Posted October 25th, 2008 by Ryan

If you think that the current economic crisis is something that has never happened in history before, you may be wrong! After the collapse of the agriculture sector in Zimbabwe in 2000, the inflation in that country skyrocketed to 231 million percent a year! Just think about it - 231 000 000%! Unemployment went up to 80% and a third of country’s population left it.

Let`s now have a look at the photos that you may not be able to see anywhere else in the world.

Here is a boy getting change in 200 000 dollar notes!

One 200 000 dollar note equals less than $0.10 cents.

December 22nd, a new note of 500 000 dollars introduced to the market!

Next - 750 000 dollars.

January - new note of 10 million dollars.

This US $10 dollar note is 10 times worth more than the 10 million dollars Zimbabwe note.

A case worth 65 billion Zimbabwe dollars which equals to $2000 US dollars.

This guy is going to a supermarket. The exchange rate is 25 million Zimbabwe dollars for 1 US dollar.

This mountain of cash is worth $100.

50 Million note is then introduced!

Next is 250 million dollars note!

Sorry, how much is this t-shirt?

- It`s cheap, only about 3 billion dollars!

May - a note of 500 million dollars is introduced!

June - note worth 25 and 50 billion are printed.

And finally - 100 billion dollars note!

What can you buy for it? Well, these 3 eggs for example.

Thats how people went to restaurants!

And the bills:

In August, the government devalued Zimbabwe dollar by removing 10 zeros from notes.

However, inflation kept going up and in September for this amount of cash you could only buy 4 tomatoes.

And for this - some bread.

And then it started again: 20 000 dollars note in September.

50 000 a couple of weeks ago!

They`ve got a pretty good chance of hitting billion dollar notes again by the end of this year!

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296 Responses to “What the real crisis is like!”

  1. Flem Ogdab (guest)

    Government price controls and policies have failed.

  2. frederic winston (guest)

    fighting inflation by removing 10 zero’s
    priceless :D

  3. Mr Inflation (guest)

    This is Sparta^^

  4. darthtwig (guest)


  5. matelot (guest)




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  7. Shelly (guest)

    Inflation is funny!

  8. Milhouse (guest)

    All this is because they stole the land and property of the white people in the country (and murdered a lot of them before they fled the country).

  9. Spork (guest)

    Hang on, so they’ve removed 10 zeroes from the notes, and now they’re up to 50,000 already O.o. Isn’t that essentially 500,000,000,000,000 now (5 trillion?)?

  10. wwe (guest)

    Or maybe getting 4 billion dollars worth of loans for a country with a DP under 3 billion is a bad idea, especially when you try to pay off that debt by simply printing more money instead of cutting services.

  11. bharath (guest)

    This is a really interesting collection.
    Provides a clear idea abt the effects of inflation in common language.

  12. bharath (guest)

    Forgot to tell, you are on Reddit !

  13. Mako (guest)


    Actually thats 5*10^14, a trillion is 10^12

    …. So, thats 500 trillion XD

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  15. Corporate Gifts by Srednarb (guest)

    I like the last two notes. Their fonts are RockBand fonts.

  16. vegetarian (guest)

    This is what Obama will do to America if he gets in.

    Get out on election day and make sure that it does not happen.
    The cities will burn when that Marxist loses, but good riddance in most cases.

    Keep this from happening to America.

  17. MarkTraceur (guest)


    Another silly partisan Interwebber making silly, unbased and unsupportable claims.

    -100 Internets.

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  19. BrentW (guest)

    Would hate to be a cashier in Zimbabwe.

  20. Robert Frost (guest)


  21. PatB (guest)

    re: Robert Frost “…obviously been photoshopped.”

    No they haven’t. The Zimababwe inflation has been all over the news for the last year. Do a google on it.

  22. BeowulfPT (guest)

    I want to move from Europe to Zimbabwe. Everyone is a millionaire there.

  23. Evil Dave (guest)

    Lighting one’s cigar with a 100 billion dollar note feels GOOD. And it’s cheaper than using a match!

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  26. Obama (guest)

    That’s nuffin… wait until I be president of da U. S. of A. I is gonna give my hommies lotz of da cash so dey can sit out front and sip 40s all day, stoppin only to knock up a ho or two. I will getz dat cash from workin whities!

    –Oh Bama Lama Ding Dong / And my cracka VP 08

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  29. Paul (guest)

    I don’t understand why anyone in Zimbabwe would accept their cash in exchange for anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is, or if it becomes, almost entirely a barter economy in the near future. Hopefully they can build back up.

  30. Dave (guest)

    If you could borrow $2000 US (in their current rate of currency at 450590 per dollar, that is roughly 1 billion of their dollars, you simply wait a few months and then pay it off at a lot cheaper a price because the loan would be worth a certain amount and your US cash is worth a lot more… Problem would be finding a bank where you could borrow the money, because I doubt many banks even deal in their currency.

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  33. Laban Johnson (guest)

    Note: these people are smiling. Lesson: You can inflate the dollar to infinity, but you can never deflate the human spirit. We *are* the value.

  34. Gautam (guest)

    Seems funny to a lot of people, but this situation is grave - a whole nation’s future is in jeopardy - it seems to have gone into a infinite spiral of economic doom. I pray the situation gets better.

  35. Swift Johnson (guest)

    the macroeconomic expression of the scarcity principle… There’s only so much to go around (buying power)….

    and the endearing philosphy of the western world…. ‘we’re gonna need to have way too much more than everyone else, and it doedsnt matter how that comes about…

    Fuck the IMF, fuck the UN, and fuck the greedy capitalistic principle living inside all of us that sits idle while we have so much and let everyone else starve

  36. timb (guest)

    Brazil was like that 20 years ago… having to cut zeroes out of the currency and rename it every few months. They tried a lot of crazy magical/popular economic solutions back then and (obviously) nothing worked; you cannot plan the economy based on immediate population satisfaction or what seems to be the more popular solution. Seems like Zimbabwe is down the same route; a government running for their own interests only. Around here, it was just when a team of serious economists took over the task and built a real roadmap for the hyperinflation solution - one with no shortcuts, with no “instantaneous” or “magical” solutions - that we were able to break out of that vicious cycle. The transition took time, but it worked marvelously. Nowadays, I can barely remember that time - it seems like it was ages ago, no more than a weird dream. Things were so much worse back then… it’s easy to take that for granted.

  37. Tim (guest)

    You know it bad when they start printing expiration dates on your money. Better close that savings account, the monthly fees will eat you up.

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  39. Gopal Shenoy (guest)

    I heard this on NPR last week and I felt so sorry for the people. We think our economy is going thru tumultous times, but at least all of us are still able to put food on our table for our family - forget about Xmas shopping, buying the next big car etc. They were interviewing dads who were saying that they are all going to die because there is absolutely no food out there. Very, very sad.

  40. MarksterBlog » What the real crisis is like! - Is this our future? (guest)

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  41. phork itall (guest)

    laff all ya want , elect obama and youll see it here. im no racist , just an observer. every nation that has dissolved its white rule to be given back to blacks has had the same economic capitulation. no honor among thieves, i guess, idi amin , rule by abject terror, tribalism. my question now is how long has it taken them to rise out of it? assuming ,of course, any actually have

  42. venkatesh (guest)

    hei u have shown the ppeople who r buying with lots lots of money what about the sellers where they are storing this much amounts

  43. Youfan (guest)

    This is MADNESS~… Wkakakaka~… :mrgreen:

  44. Joey B. (guest)

    Hmm… Don’t forget to Recycle!
    x3 I feel like bringing a planeload of that money to U.S. and getting more money from the paper than the actual note…

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  47. James (guest)

    It’s because the Zimbabwean government keeps printing money to pay off its enormous national debt. 100 trillion ZWD in debt is a lot easier to pay off when you make it so that 1 trillion ZWD is equal to a few dollars (even if the average person’s bank account is ruined because of it). Fiat currency at work.

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  50. Max (guest)

    Why do not you stop insisting on sanctions against folks in Zimbabwe and reach out to them instead?

    Due to the Internet people can get ideas and education and are not stupid anymore. It is not 50s, and even not 70s.

    Get over it.

  51. Remo Harsono (guest)

    Time to change financial system

  52. Paying Dr. Evil « Pursuit of Truthiness (guest)

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  54. Chris Mashuro (guest)

    National injustice is the surest road to national downfall. The state machinery albeit ruling party is a bunch of thieves writ large.Henry Hazlitt in his book Eonomics in One Lesson -”The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups.” Can someone pass on this msg to Robert Mugabe an Gideon Gono.

  55. revoline’s me2DAY (guest)

    revo의 생각…

    지금의 경제위기에 놀란다면 보시라. 짐바브웨의 하이퍼인플레이션…

  56. Geremek (guest)

    There is in Zibwabwe any Leszek Balcerowicz, master of hiperinflation?

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  58. Bojan (guest)

    Well someone have to pay the rent!

  59. Big Sam (guest)

    But Swift Johnson:

    By getting rid of the capitalists/farmers and their efforts to develop their businesses, they destroyed their farms (which are businesses), most of their other businesses, and were left with no tax revenues. Thus, the government printed money like mad to make up for its shortfalls, beginning the ugly cycle.

    Capitalism isn’t the problem in this situation. It creates wealth and jobs and stability. That is its nature. When the system is jacked with or destroyed, well, that is a problem.

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  61. Jarrod (guest)

    A minor note: “$0.10 cents” doesn’t really make sense.

    Either you mean $0.10 (one-tenth of a dollar) or $0.001 (one-tenth of a cent, aka 0.1cents). You can’t have both cents and dollars specified at the same time.

  62. fila (guest)


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  66. Taurai Mugonde (guest)

    I’m a Zimbabwean living in the capital Harare. What you see above is true stuff. Yes we really removed 10 zeros in August this year. Not only that we had removed 6 zeros in August 2006. So that makes it a total of 16 zeros. Currently our biggest denomination is Z$50,000.00. Had we not removed all those zeros our biggest note would have been Z$500,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 which might have been how much, 500 Quintillion?!! Who knows had it not been for the zero removal spree it might have been more!

    I’m sad to say I’m ashamed for my country really ashamed. We have broken records for the wrong reasons. It’s funny to most but to us it’s a pain…

  67. Skitzo (guest)


  68. Anonymous (guest)

    [...] ir al supermercado:

  69. Lady L (guest)

    Capitalism isn’t fair, and neither are other financial systems. Perhaps the fairest is the barter system.

    Anyway, yes, capitalism, when left to its own devices, is a relatively stable system. But HUMAN NATURE IS WHAT IT IS. Hence, any financial system will never be “left to its own devices.” It will be mucked with.

    Money is dehumanizing.

  70. You think America has it rough? | True Observation from Zimbabwe | ShortSaleBlogger (guest)

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  71. Carlos (guest)

    Now is the time to obtain a home loan in Zimbabwe Dollars. You buy a house and when the time comes to make the first payment (after two months), you make a payoff for the total, because the inflation, by that time, would have liquified your debt…The only problem is to find a bank dumb enough to lend money in Zimbabwe Dollars….

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  74. WatchingMarcitz (guest)

    And to think this whole mess can be explained by the movie “Animal House”

    See how at:

  75. WatchingMarcitz (guest)

    Actually see part 1 here:

  76. MikeT (guest)

    If they would get off their lazy asses and actually WORK instead of just printing up more money this wouldn’t happen.

  77. syrena (guest)

    haha miket…
    u really do not know much about life! u are still on the safe ground, as i see.
    we, everybody white, in europe, have enormous inflation not long time ago.
    our asses works more than 16 h every day.

  78. MikeT (guest)

    Your asses sit under a TREE all day. Us white Europeans have been there and watched you.

  79. jogleason (guest)

    Show me an organization,town, city or country run by black people that isnt corrupt. That is their culture.

  80. mikel (guest)

    As always, this must be the fault of the US. It always is. And stupid people will always believe it.

  81. Qatar Boy (guest)

    This is amazing. I wander if they had a trillion note - with a speed our gov is handing out right now they may as well print a trillion dollar one.



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    [...] Inflaci

  83. Ella (guest)

    Oh my gosh…that’s really sad and funny at the same time.

  84. daisy (guest)

    Isn’t socialism wonderful?

  85. Harry Tran’s Daily 101 » Blog Archive » Housing October 30, 2008 (guest)

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  86. mouse209 (guest)

    Basically they are printing “annual currency”. A new dollar - a new picture -a new year. They need a barter-type non-currency system (e.g. 1bundle of wheat=3eggs… or…1week of work=1live chicken). imho

  87. Inflação e crescimento económico « O Insurgente (guest)

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  88. From breadbasket to basket case (guest)

    The stronger the political centre, the more pervasive the level of incompetence.

    See what happens when a country is taken over by leaders who know nothing about economics. JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Clinton II, Obama, McCain, etc….

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who knew anything about economics. And the media made sure he got minimal treatment because the corporate sponsors want to keep the borrowing in place so that all the position holders can keep living well whilst creating nothing to society.
    In the US, the UK, Spain, and many other countries, structural reform is not possible - the idiot complex is in charge and support is given to clueless showmen like Show-Bama.

  89. PHD in Absurdity, University of Poshness and PC-ness (guest)

    Can we have a more politically correct interpretation of events ? I mean what about the feminist perspective ? Are the giraffes on the currency representative of the various sexual orientations ? And how many currency notes does it take to pay for a lazy useless feminist academic in a job in a posh university in Zimbabwe ? What about the planet ? Are the newspapers able to voice concern over the fact that Sarah Palin might become President of the United States, and that she might tell feminists to start behaving like real women instead of masters of absurdity ? Perish the thought, that such critical concerns are not relevant in the ordinary lives of the inhabitants !! Where is the sexual revolution ? Where are the young women and their contraceptives and their liberation revolution and their pop music ? Where is the fashion industry to express the importance of triviality in everyday life ? What about celebrations for the Marxist achievements of the regime ? What about university studies to extrapolate the new dimensions to living in such as profoundly expressive and stimulating society ? What about celebrations of the pride that has been recovered from colonialism - and the fact that male domination is positively circumcised ?

  90. Jam Kam (guest)

    There is nothing funny about anyhting going on in Zimbabwe. Talk politics, talk economics…. What’s happening there is absolutely surreal.

  91. war (guest)

    jogleason (guest) Yesterday: 8:09 am. “Show me an organization,town, city or country run by black people that isnt corrupt. That is their culture.”

    Right. ‘Cos there’s no corruption in the US or Europe is there? Oh wait, yes there is.

    The American Government just robbed the US taxpayers of 850 billion dollars and gave all that money to their buddies in the banks who are already turning all that loot into fat bonuses for their top boys. Think of all the schools, hospitals, they could have built with that.
    The same is happening all across Europe.
    Western Governments are the kings of corruption. They just rely on a population of morons to not notice, that’s all.

  92. A Good Joke Today… | A Joke a Day Keeps Doc Away (guest)

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  95. syrena (guest)

    yes MikeT . we are under the tree, u are still / and people who thinking like u/ on the tree.

  96. Crise ? | Pensamentos Randomicos (guest)

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  99. Muhammad Bilal (guest)

    Friday, October 31, 2008

    1 US Dollar = 555.308 Zimbabwe Dollar
    1 Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD) = 0.001801 US Dollar (USD)

    Median price = 555.272 / 555.308 (bid/ask)
    Minimum price = 546.420 / 546.450
    Maximum price = 561.900 / 561.930

  100. Restaurantrechnung für über 1 Milliarde Dollar? | Hilfe beim Leben (guest)

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  101. Johnny P (guest)

    At least this generation of zimbabwean kids will grow up to be good at math…

  102. Me arvame et meil on majanduslangus? | Friizu Blog (guest)

    [...] huvitavaid pilte vaata siit: what the real crisis is like Varia ehk segased [...]

  103. zoroab (guest)

    The funniest thing is that someone can buy a premium car for 10$ in Zimbabwe.Members of the party who have access to American dollars at the official exchange rate buy dollars at a discount(compared with the real value of the currency which is of course falling fast) and then convert these to Z $ at the black market.Then they pocket the diffrence.But they have to spent the money fast to buy imported luxuries as this worthless paper loses its value so quickly.This world is so cruel.

  104. King of Disco (guest)

    rakı denen meret merdi susturur puştu coşturur ! kabilesini siktiminin negroları başınızda recep ampül erdoğan olsa ne yaraq yerdiniz… ayşegülÜÜÜÜÜm kralsın … :w

  105. Juliano (guest)

    Very sad… It was the same in Germany on the 30’s and on Brazil during the 80’s when I grew up. At least you get to learn the decimal system very well!

    If Bernanke keeps pumping money into the system, the US can go through this on a not so distant future. Until one day people have enough of having 20% inflation and kick him out. What admires me, though, is how far can a country can keep running under inflationary currency. They will mask the indices (they already do), academics and Phds in economics will claim that ‘loose credit’ (the other side of the coin for inflation) it is the best thing to do given economic conditions, and so on. They even get to regulate usage of foreign currency and gold, making it illegal to hold it, creating the crime of ‘hoarding’ and ‘evasion of reserves’.

    As it turns out, an inflationary system benefits the connected and the financial savvy quite a lot, at the expense of the poorest.So the members of the public clever enough to see what’s going on would join it, rather than fight against it. It is a perverse system.

  106. Max (guest)

    I want to start a business printing Zimbabwan bank notes!

  107. CHINJA (guest)

    In addition to the above iwould like to tell you the following (I dont know if you are aware of it)

    i)in 1980 in Zimbabwe US$1 was equal to ZW$1
    ii)in August 2006 there were 3 zeros removed from the Zim currency, that means that there are now 13 zeros removed in total.
    iii)our banks have a “maximum withdrawal limit”, the limit is about enough to buy two loaves of bread (imagine if you need to buy household goods or do your weekly shopping)
    iv)the pics shown above are not photoshopped, if anyone is that interested I can point you to where you can see these pics and more
    v)people have now been reduced to eating wild roots and even dog meat (food is being used as a political weapon - no zanupf supporters card = no food aid)
    v)14 hour a day power cuts - the govt is now going around seeing who has a generator so they can be taxed with the new “generator tax” (or whatever its going to be called)
    vi)daily water cuts, you can be lucky to get water for just a few hours a day in the morning - this has lead to people digging open wells in desperation to get water, however this is untreated water, resulting in cholera outbreaks in the country
    vi)this is not a laughing matter, Zimbabwe is burning whilst Mugabe is fiddling.

    Our leaders do not care because they and their families have access to the almighty US$, which means sending their own kids to the best universities in Australia, Europe and the States, medical treatment in the best facilities in South Africa, holidays in Mauritius, Bali and Hong Kong (whist most Zimababweans havn’t even been to Vic Falls), these guys live in massive mansions, the kind of stuff you see in “MTV Cribbs” or “The Wonderful Life of…” just have a look at some of these houses

    the prices are all “ZW$0″ because there’s no point putting prices up when you will have to change them every couple of weeks

    Some of you are being flippant with a very serious matter. People are dying.

  108. Ryan


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  112. Coldtype (guest)

    “All this is because they stole the land and property of the white people in the country”

    Actually jackass, they took back what was stolen from them.

  113. Você tem 100 bilhões de Dollares ? Não, então não vá ao Zimbabwe. « FunSurfer (guest)

    [...] Você tem 100 bilhões de Dollares ? Não, então não vá ao Zimbabwe. Você já viu uma nota de 1o bilhões de dollares ?Pois é ela existe. Trata-se do Dollar de Zimbabwe que está passando pela maior inflação já registrada no mundo: 231 milhões por cento ao ano (231 000 000%). Agora, o que 10 Bilhões de Dollares do Zimbabwe compra ? Apenas 3 ovos de galinha e aproveitem enquanto não sobem os preços. Fonte: Humorland clique aqui para ir no site [...]

  114. Le Jean De » Blog Archive » “Your change, sir” (guest)

    [...] means that one billion dollars in Zimbabwe can get you 3 eggs. No, seriously. And we thought we were experiencing a recession. Posted on 11/3/08 by [...]

  115. Eric (guest)

    Money aint everything! but this is just weird!

  116. Bull Moves in Bear Markets ∞ Get Rich Slowly (guest)

    [...] Government debt is out of control. Instead of solving the problem sensibly (by raising taxes and/or reducing spending), the government just prints more money, which leads to inflation, and which may lead to hyperinflation. [...]

  117. Zim Neighbor (guest)

    If Zim had oil, Mad Bob would have already been removed…

  118. i feel sorry for them (guest)

    You idiots … poor people are suffering there. Not even bitches like Romanian politicians (the greatest bitches I ever heard about) can live there …
    There is a real crysis, not here in Europe, or US.

  119. ورقة .. بـ100 مليار دولار | HimtoX news (guest)

    [...]   [...]

  120. » Blog Archive » 100 Billion Dollar Bill. (guest)

    [...] That’s how a bill would look like if you were to stay at a hotel…It would cost you 1 trillion 200 billion dollars. [VIA] [...]

  121. Mostly Cajun, All American and Opinionated » Spread some of THIS wealth, bro! (guest)

    [...] that, friends, is how it starts. Before the Obamanation comes to pass, a whole lot of people are going to find out that [...]

  122. Degaz (guest)

    This is happening now in America. The only reason we aren’t seeing the price increases is because we have the reserve currency. Once that ceases (as it will) prices will shoot through the roof. OWN SILVER AND GOLD OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!

  123. neighbour (guest)

    No matter how much paper they have, their is nothing to buy anyway……. so sad to see such a beautiful country go bad…

  124. mascayo (guest)

    papers means nothing!
    it make me realized, the are more suffered people out there!

  125. tomcon (guest)

    to understand that this is soon to be the fate of the rest of us….watch this

  126. Pirlouit jambon (guest)

    billionaires are dying in this country, awful !

  127. lk (guest)

    Can’t they be part of the TARP too?

  128. mr dprince (guest)

    I know that most people here in the U.S. probably think this is a funy thing. I just wish that everyone knew just what it is all about. Good post. Maybe more unaware will see it here.

  129. MrXfromPlantX (guest)

    Four excellent documentaries on the problem with creating money out of thin air and how it makes money worthless

    These Zimbabwe pictures are probably the best example I have ever seen, but the inflation tax videos explain why.

  130. Lemonhead (guest)

    Loooool priceless ! :D xD _O-

  131. David Johnston (guest)

    Why don’t they just switch to logarithmic notes. Problem solved. Then they only have to add a new zero every year or so!

  132. Jonathan (guest)

    WTF? How come the boy looks like he is dressed in girls clothing?

  133. Rob Roy (guest)

    This is what happens when the government allows a private central bank to control the money supply. This will happen again in other countries, ( US)

  134. » Blog Archive » $100,000,000,000…. Mooo haa haaa! (guest)

    [...] Link: What the real crisis is like! [...]

  135. Roger J (guest)

    You think this is what US is facing? Wake up! No way US is going that way. US is too far & away from having a hyperinflation. Now instead, it is facing a serious DEFLATION (negative inflation, if you wish), more or less going the Japan way.

    They are printing money alright, but not that extreme. And you just have to look at other countries, is China, for example, not printing money? Is UK, Europe, et. al. not printing money?

  136. Nikko (guest)

    @Roger: really? And what exactly do you think will happen when the 7.4 trillion of “liquidity” that has already been pumped in works its way through the system?

    Yeah yeah, asset deflation first, but eventually, Econ101 reality takes over. “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.”

    Buy some gold.

  137. DV (guest)

    central bankers & dictators take heed: this is the end result of fiat currency & aggressive, effluent government. can only imagine what the division of labor looks like now…who does what to stay alive? how do neighbors & society cope with such destruction? there must be a market currency circulating, I wonder what it is? good luck Zimbabweans! D

  138. Phil (guest)

    That’s what happens when you throw off white people from a country: it becomes a niggers country

  139. Jan (guest)

    I’m looking for James Taggart, Ayn Rand was right!

  140. Anjali (guest)

    The government is wasting more money in manufacturing a note than actually being able to hold it on a value..!!!

  141. Neil (guest)

    There’s simple enough solutions to this kind of problem. Stop printing money. At that kind of inflation, whatever you earn today has to be spent today. And the whole reason behind it is that the government continues to pay its bills by printing money instead of creating sound economic policy.

  142. Gargamel (guest)

    Now is that inflation or deflation? :)

  143. Steve (guest)

    I say put Zim in Receiver Ship, Put the Yanks in for Security and give the UN 5 years to govern the county back to the way it used to be when I was born 33 years ago. Then Give the counrty back to the people who will be voted for by the people!!!

  144. roderigu (guest)

    while the president of this country believes he can ‘manufacture money’ as much as he wants, it will stay like these, forever. After all, money is just a peace of paper, and if you don´t give it trust, it will remain just a piece of paper.

  145. David Andrews (guest)

    If you are really interested in what is going on with our (U.S.) money, watch ‘The Men Behind the Curtain’ here:

  146. matabele (guest)

    Well, we’re nearly there - $500 000 000 notes as of 12 December. Just for interests sake - each inflationary step is driven primarily by the Reserve Bank’s need to purchase hard currency on the open market. A new note is flooded into the currency market the night before it is released to the banks. In this way the Reserve Bank is able to get their hands on a batch of hard currency just before the price jumps.

    Even stranger is the phenomenon that cash is worth many multiples of the worth of deposits in the bank. Money in the bank is almost worthless (yes - way, way less than cash!). I can’t actually quote a figure - I mean really worthless (you can withdraw only $500 million a week - no matter how large your balance).

    As to the often quoted inflation rate of 231 million % - this is from May or so. On 04 Dec a Z$100 million note was worth US$14 - on 12 Dec the same note was worth US$2. This is a compounded annual% interest rate of about 4 times 10exp40 - that is a 4 followed with 40 zeroes!

  147. SparcMan (guest)

    This really fits the classic definition of “epic fail”

  148. Eran Spiro (guest)

    One can be cynical and humorous Yet, Tribal warfare a go on…..

  149. Masterboy (guest)

    It is high time we question ourselves whether Robert Mugabe is not an illiterate by any chance who has ended up being in the suit of a President. With the way things are, he would have been better off being under the British to better understand the word ‘civilised’ instead of treating his own people as livestock.!

  150. Gabriel (guest)

    About the “scarcity principle”… that’s bravo sierra. They’re going hungry because they have a dictator who’s stolen most of the means of production for his cronies. The inability to keep what you produce is what leads to scarcity. It’s NOT the greediness of capitalism.

    Sounds like they need “hope and change”. I vote we send them Obama.

  151. AJ (guest)

    Atleast the kids will learn how to count…better and faster.. :)

  152. nutcase (guest)

    this is fucked up.

  153. gaspar (guest)


  154. ajan (guest)

    many bilionaire there

  155. Hangelbel (guest)

    Wow. Is that true? I can’t understand. Those are real money?

  156. This is astounding « Simply Sharon (guest)

    [...] This is astounding Inflation [...]

  157. obama blows (guest)

    This is why niggers can’t make economic decisions…. luckily our president…. oh shit.

  158. Aceviarrilla (guest)

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  165. crackchihuahua (guest)

    Wow, way to feed the problem rather than look at other solutions. It freaking ridiculous to expect people to go to a restaurant with a stack of bills.

  166. felixthecat (guest)

    Well, we will see what time brings up in some western civilisation soon…
    Hope we will not carry sacks of notes to the next bar…

  167. tio (guest)

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